1. How do I schedule an appointment?

  • Just simply call our centre at 03-7958-7702, or contact us via email at admin_m@livingeffectively.com.my / admin_info@livingeffectively.com.my.

2. Is what I share in session confidential?

  • Yes. We adhere to strict confidentiality in Effective Living. All information of our clients are kept confidential and is only released with the client's consent and through procedures consistent with the law and professional ethics.

3. How often do I come for therapy sessions?

  • Sessions are offered as frequently as needed. Typically, clients come for weekly sessions however, some are seen bi-weekly or once a month.

4. How long is each individual sessions?

  • Each session typically lasts about 60 minutes.

5. What if I think I need to be evaluated for medications or I am already prescribed medications?

  • Our consultants are trained psychologists and therefore do not prescribe medication. We, however, work closely and consult with physicians and psychiatrists that prescribe medication. If you feel that medication may be helpful, we can refer you to the appropriate medical professionals for medication consultation or management.